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10 Ways to Make This Christmas Memorable for Child Trafficking Survivors

10 Ways to Make This Christmas Memorable for Child Trafficking Survivors
10 Ways to Make This Christmas Memorable for Child Trafficking Survivors

Holidays are a time for happiness, coziness, and craeting memorable experiences with family. But for survivors of child trafficking, who are still going through healing, the experience is often very different. At a time when many children their age are enjoying christmas with family and friends, they need — more than anything else — to be reminded that they are also deservng of love and care.

The Mission Haven is committed to making this holdiday a memorable for as many child trafficking survivors as possible, and here are 10 wonderful ideas to inspire your choice of a gift for a healing child this Christmas.

1. Gifts and Care Packages

Prepare personalized care packages for each survivor. Consider the child's preferences, hobbies, and needs when selecting gifts. Simple items like cozy blankets, journals, art supplies, and self-care items can be meaningful. You can prepare a personalized care package that addresses the immediate needs of the child. With such packages, you can comminicate to the child that they are valued and deserve an amazing time during the holiday season, too.

2. Sponsor Therapeutic Activities

Engaging survivors in therapeutic activities like art and music therapy provides a constructive outlet for emotions. These activities can be powerful tools for healing. It allows child trafficking survivors to express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. Arrange art and craft activities for survivors to express themselves. Youcan also provide materials for making holiday decorations, cards, or crafts that they can take with them as a memento.

3. Organize a Celebration

Plan a Christmas celebration or party for them. Being in an envionment of fun can help child abuse survivors loosen up and share an amazing time with other kids. One way to do is by collaborating with local shelters or organizations that support child trafficking survivors to coordinate the event. Hosting a festive Christmas celebration can help create an atmosphere of joy and community.

4. Mentorship and Support

Although this may not be a direct appraoch to creating a fun christmas for a healing child abuse survivor, getting the right mentorship and support can help such child begin their healing journey sooner. This is what we do all-year round, and we welcome parners to join us in supporting as many survivors as possible, especially during these holidays. This network of support turns into a ray of hope for survivors, guiding them through obstacles and possible triggers around them.

5. Themed Photo Shoots

Select a theme that is positive, uplifting, and aligns with the interests and comfort level of the survivor. It could be something festive like a winter wonderland, a favorite color theme. Consider creating a personalized photo album or framed prints that the child can keep as a tangible reminder of the positive experience.

Remember, the key to a successful themed photo shoot is to prioritize the survivor's comfort, choices, and autonomy throughout the process. It's an opportunity for them to reclaim a sense of pride and beauty in a supportive and empowering environment.

6. Culinary Experiences

Instead of traditional cooking classes or competitions, consider an interactive meal preparation session where the each actively participates in creating a meal from start to finish. If the child is comfortable with outdoor activities, you may consider organizing a local food tour. Visit different eateries or markets.This allows them to sample various foods in a low-pressure setting.

7. Gift Concert Tickets

Music can be a powerful tool for relaxation and enjoyment. Assuming you have an idea of their musical tastes, you can purchase concert tickets for as many children as you can afford. Alternatively, you can curate a playlist that includes a mix of their favorite songs along with tracks that evoke positive emotions. This is a great idea especially for introverted children who may prefer a quieter way to celebrate.

You can organize the playlist based on different moods or themes. For example, you might have a section for upbeat and energetic songs, a section for calming tunes, and another for nostalgic favorites. Include songs that have special meaning or memories for the survivor. It could be a song from their past, a track that lifts their spirits, or music that they are familiar with.

8. Book Club or Reading Time

For kids that enjoy reading, consider starting a mini book club or simply spend time reading together. You can exchange thoughts about the chosen book or share stories that resonate with them from literatures that have read in the past.

9. Guided Meditation or Yoga

Introduce calming activities like guided meditation or gentle yoga. This can provide a sense of peace and relaxation, and there are many resources available online for guided sessions. After the meditation or yoga session, encourage the survivor to journal about their experience. This can help them process any thoughts or emotions that may have arisen during the practice.

10. Memory Scrapbooking

Memory scrapbooking is a creative and therapeutic activity that involves compiling and preserving memories, thoughts, and feelings in a visually appealing and personalized scrapbook. It's a wonderful way for survivors of child trafficking, or anyone facing challenging experiences, to reflect on positive aspects of their lives and express themselves in a tangible and artistic way. We often encourage healing children to create a scrapbook or journal capturing positive memories, dreams, or affirmations. This can be a reflective and empowering activity.

Support for Survivors of Child Trafficking

As we celebrate the warmth and joy of Christmas with survivors, let’s recognize that their journey extends far beyond the holiday season. Our commitment to these survivors is not confined to a specific time frame, and we welcome you to join us to make their lives better.

At Mission Haven, we remain committed to providing ongoing support and ensuring that survivors receive the necessary resources and care for a sustained path to healing and empowerment. We continue to work toward ending the cycle of human trafficking and bringing about long-lasting positive change even after the holidays. So please feel free to contact us for help at any time if you or someone you know is struggling.

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