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Founder & President

Troy Vermillion

Haven started in Troy's heart in 2007.  At church one evening, he and Hilda watched a presentation about trafficking, that included graphic photos of babies in cages.  Those images gripped him and one night, as his mind wrestled with solutions, the word "Haven" came to his mind. He began to envision a place of refuge and healing and shared this with Hilda and a few friends. Those closest to Troy have been hearing about "Haven" for almost 10 years.  Jim Phillips, a trusted mentor, and friend, introduced Troy to the concept of BAM (Business as Mission), or Social Entrepreneurship. Troy began to work out a way to combine his business expertise and his life's mission. His unique approach to build and support Haven is that one day, once firmly established, Haven will sustain itself.

hildas headshot.JPG
Co-founder & Creative Director

Hilda Vermillion

Hilda is passionate about the precious value of all people, but especially women and children.  She is a fierce crusader against the objectification of women in all it's forms. It is her life's dream to work with Troy to create Haven.

Hilda has designed an innovative community with care and attention to every detail.  As she listened to the victim's stories, she was struck by how little privacy, personal space, or the choices they had.  Her design inspiration became to incorporate healing into every facet of the design, from layout to using healthy building materials.

Hilda intends to leverage her two careers, as an Interior Designer, and Business Owner for the good of Haven.


Hilda loves their son, Phin, dog Gwennie, and the mountains.

Vision Director

Andrew Estes

Andrew’s desire to serve Christ has led him to care for the local church in several capacities over the last 15 years. As a worship leader, volunteer coordinator, a/v editor, teacher, communications/marketing director, and most recently as a church leadership consultant. He is passionate about visionary leadership and is helping church leaders find, focus, and clarify their God given dreams. The opportunity to serve Haven as the Vision Coordinator is an unexpected and exciting privilege.  Andrews is a loving husband to Megan, and an amazing father to Selah and Judah.


Megan Estes

Megan is the ultimate encourager and prayer warrior.  She starting planting churches when she was only 5 and has led numerous vision teams in women's and children's ministries as well as church plants.  She is passionate about mobilizing people to pray and wage war against sex trafficking through Haven.  She currently resides in Loveland, CO and is a leader in a local church plant. Megan spends her time serving her family, her church, and building teams of prayer warriors throughout the country to pray for many miracles of healing and restoration that WILL happen at Haven.


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